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Episode 00 -
Podcast Trailer

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Preview my first ever podcast, where we learn about discrimination, racism, and exclusion from the people on the front lines. We see the world through their eyes, and we hear their personal story of their fight for social justice.

In this episode

In this trailer, you'll hear why I created Changing Lenses, and my mission for equity, diversity and inclusion, and what to expect in the first two seasons. I also acknowledge the land where each episode is hosted and recorded.

This trailer was produced by me, Rosie Yeung, with associate and post-production by William Loo.

Guest bio and references:

Host - Rosie Yeung:

About Rosie


This trailer references Rev. René August of Freedom Road, speaking in this webinar.

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Episode Transcript

Please note: the transcripts attempt to stay true to the essence of each conversation, while maintaining clarity and readability. As a result, certain "filler" words, and nuances of tone, emotion and emphasis will be missing.


If you're able, you're strongly encouraged to listen to the audio podcast. Transcripts are generated using a combination of speech recognition software and human editors, and may contain errors.

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Music Credits for this Episode

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