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Episode 04 -
Hope Amid Darkness
with Dave Addison

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Dave Addison is a former corporate executive and survivor of alcohol abuse disorder, manic and bipolar I. Now as a Peer Support Champion and Mental Health Advocate, he tells his very personal story, and how current sufferers and their supporters can find hope.

In this episode
  1. [00:03:03]     Dave’s story of alcohol abuse, mental illness, and HOPE

  2. [00:16:00]     Dismantling stigmas and debunking myths

  3. [00:26:50]     Changing the conversation

  4. [00:34:30]     Peer Support Champions and employer supports

  5. [00:43:12]     Where to get help – for yourself, a coworker or loved one

Guest bio and references:

Dave Addison is a Mental Health and Addiction Advocate, and Board Director with Families for Addiction Recovery. Dave’s background includes corporate leadership roles in sales, marketing, and not-for-profit. Now, Dave draws on his work experience and personal journey with mental health to support business leaders and people struggling with mental health and addiction.

2020 marks Dave’s 10th year of sobriety – congratulations, Dave!

Contact Dave: LinkedIn


For parents/families of mental illness patients:

Are You in Crisis?

If you are experiencing a mental health or addictions related crisis:

  • Call 1-833-456-4566 toll free (In Quebec: 1-866-277-3553), 24/7 or visit

  • Call your provincial helpline (numbers below)

  • Call Kids Help Phone (Canada-wide) 1-800-668-6868

  • Call 911

  • Go to the nearest hospital

Help Lines, Resources and Peer Support by Province (not comprehensive):


British Columbia



  • Mental Health Help Line: 1 (877)   303-2642

  • Addictions Helpline 1 (866) 332-2322

  • First Nations and Inuit Hope for   Wellness Help Line 1 (855) 242-3310





New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Additional resources mentioned:

“Am I an alcoholic test” (two common ones):

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Hope & Me (MDAO) -

Mental Health Innovations -

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Episode Transcript

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What Words Can't Describe, by Vlad Gluschenko

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Belief in Future, by ANtarctic Breeze

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