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Change Your Lens

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I’m Rosie Yeung, the Un-Executive Coach™ for Asian and racialized women professionals.

I specialize in 1-on-1 and small group coaching with “model minority” women who feel conflicted between career, culture, and authenticity. Through my trauma-informed coaching, I help them rise higher, live healthier, and work easier.

I’m also a nonviolent JEDI Warrior (Justice, Equity, Decolonization and Inclusion) focused on anti-racism, anti-misogyny, and wealth redistribution.

My life's mission is to help decolonize and heal our workplaces from the insidious inequity embedded in corporate systems.

Are you wondering how to succeed on your own terms, while balancing social expectations and mental wellness?

CONTACT ME to start reclaiming your health, wealth, and self!

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What Got Us Here, is Keeping Us Here

Yoda - you must unlearn what you have learned
Change Your Lens

Traditional "executive leadership" requires Black, Indigenous, Asian, and all racialized women to conform to a model created by and for white men.

Just as "master's tools will never dismantle the master's house" (Audre Lorde), neither will corporate strategies dismantle corporate systems.

We must "unlearn what we have learned"!

The Matrix: Neo and the Red Pill Blue Pill
Free Your Mind

My trauma-informed Un-Executive Coaching™ helps racialized women go from conforming to transforming, through Positive Intelligence®, mindset change, and holistic mind-body practice.

My methodologies are founded on the understanding that "Trauma isn't what happens to you, it's what happens inside you." (Gabor Maté, M.D.)

Systemic inequity and oppression imprisons us. I can show you the door; only you can walk through it!

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Be Your Self

Un-Executive Coaching™ 

empowers racialized women to break barriers and the corporate status quo because it's:

1) Trauma-informed

2) Culturally relevant

3) Counter-capitalist

4) Made for matriarchy

5) Anti-racism, anti-oppression

6) Integrated with mental health

The result? Racialized women are equipped to lead and live with authentic essence, not "executive presence"!

How I Can Help

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Corporate Coaching for ERGs and Racialized Women Employees

Un-Executive Coaching™ is well suited to organizations wanting more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across all levels, especially senior leadership.

More importantly, it integrates DEI with key areas in talent attraction and retention: culture, health and mental wellness, performance, and professional development.

My corporate Free Your Mind program includes all these components, and is perfect for coaching Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), racialized (BIPOC) women (of color) talent, and teams.

These group coaching programs can be supplemented with custom 1-on-1 coaching to support racialized employees' unique needs in leadership development, career growth, and resilience.

I'm also a keynote speaker on workplace trauma, Asian culture and discrimination, and intersectional systemic inequity.

Follow the links to learn more about me and my keynote speaking topics and JEDI educational resources.

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Private Individual and Group Coaching for Racialized Women

Un-Executive Coaching™ is for all racialized women who want relevant, compassionate support in: 

  • Career transitions (job search, job loss)

  • Breaking the colored-glass ceiling

  • Corporate leadership and governance (including Board of Directors)

  • Entrepreneurship and alternate work arrangements

  • Toxic workplace trauma recovery

  • Burnout, stress, and workplace mental health issues
  • Intergenerational, intra- and inter-cultural trauma

My small group coaching provides an intimate, safe community of like-minded women to grow, heal, and rise together. Follow the links to learn more about me and my coaching services, including my signature Free Your Mind Detox and Asian Women's Circle programs.

I'm here to serve historically marginalized groups through a social justice and trauma-informed lens. If you belong to a historically marginalized group and would like my support, please contact me to discuss your goals for customized coaching.

Featured Podcasts


The words “white supremacy culture” are definitely triggering, and not just for white people. What that phrase even means is hard to explain.


So when fellow podcaster and white American male Jeff Akin told me he was (gently) raising awareness about white supremacy culture (“WSC”) at his workplace – and he works for the government – and he’s a high-level executive – I was super curious to know how he felt about WSC.


Besides being an executive leader, Jeff also teaches about leadership in his podcast, The Starfleet Leadership Academy.

Join me in hearing this high school educated, ex-Navy, pro-wrestling-TV-broadcaster-turned-executive-leader share how he’s helping dismantle white supremacy culture!

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The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Holocaust, and the full name of Yom Hashoah VeHagevurah literally means the “day of remembrance of the Catastrophe and the Heroism.”


How much do you know about Yom HaShoah, and what happens on this day? What’s the difference between Yom HaShaoah and the United Nations’ International Holocaust Remembrance Day?


Alice Henry draws on her family’s experience of the Holocaust, and her own experience as an Ashkenazi Jewish woman, to share about Yom HaShoah, historic and current antisemitism, Jewish holidays, and much more in this episode of Changing Lenses.


Bonus: stay with us to the end for a special Yom HaShoah memorial service.

You can share this episode using this link:

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