We all see the world through our own lens

When you change your lens, you change what you see.

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I'm Rosie Yeung (pronouns: she/her), a Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Podcaster for Justice, Equity, Decolonization, and Inclusion (JEDI).

My specializations include in intersectional diversity, economic equity, and Asian-Canadian identity.

My passion is helping leaders grow more inclusive, and organizations grow more human.

I believe in a world committed to:
Justice, not prejudice.

People, not profit.

Empathy, not indifference. 

Dignity, not despair.

Belonging, not rejection.

Freedom, not fear.

Truth, not silence. 

How may I guide your JEDI journey today?


If we see poverty and homelessness as the result of financial illiteracy, irresponsibility or a lack of self-control, then the blame falls on the person living in poverty, and the answer is to find a job, spend less, and get financial training.


Financial literacy education is definitely important, and these programs have their benefits. But knowledge alone does not develop capability and behaviour change, any more than knowing you should exercise leads to going to the gym.


So why do the majority of financial interventions fail? To understand that, we’re Changing Lenses to see through the eyes of people experiencing financial vulnerability. Dr. Emily Heath, a senior researcher and behavioural neuroscientist, explains the Cognitive Biases and psychology behind financial decision-making. As we learn about the barriers to healthy financial behaviour, we also learn how racism, discrimination and other forms of oppression exacerbate the problem.

You may be aware of ways to accommodate physical and mental disabilities. But what about episodic disabilities?


If you don’t know what an episodic disability is, you’re not alone. Once you hear Melissa Egan describe it, you’ll probably realize that you, or someone you know, has one.


Melissa is the National Lead of Episodic Disabilities at Realize, a Canadian charity that fosters positive change for people living with HIV and other episodic disabilities. She helps companies create work environments that are accessible and inclusive.


Please join us in Changing Lenses to see through the eyes of people with episodic disabilities, and how we can support and accommodate their needs.

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As the Department of National Defence continues to address culture change, we hosted a 90 minute roundtable webinar on culture, diversity, and inclusion. Speaking to an audience of social scientists and military members, Rosie was one of our external expert panelists, providing a respectful, yet challenging voice to what can often be a sensitive discussion topic. Her contributions were insightful and provocative, and her participation was a key element to making the roundtable a successful event.


Deputy Director General, DGMPRA,

Chief Military Personnel,

Canadian Department of National Defence

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Rosie provided a thoughtful and powerful talk about the importance of recognizing the Asian and Pacific Islander experience in the workplace. Personally, I learned a lot, and I know many of our Asian team members related and resonated to the experiences she shared. She delivered insights and advice with grace and respect, and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone looking to gain a deeper perspective on race and biases in the workplace.

Engagement & Experience Team,


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Rosie's webinar 'Decolonizing Corporate Canada' is a great starting point for every single business in Canada to bring leaders to a collective understanding of issues related to the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and how we can act upon them. It was a thoughtful, intentional and engaging educational opportunity. I highly recommend it.  

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