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I’m Rosie Yeung,

President & Founder of Changing Lenses.


I’m a Coach, Speaker, and Educator for Justice, Equity, Decolonization and Inclusion (JEDI for short).

My life goal is to reduce social inequity and discrimination, especially in wealth, race, and gender.

I'm here to support people who are willing to go beyond bias training and hiring targets, and start decolonizing their mindsets, heartsets and organizational structures to achieve lasting social change.

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How I Serve

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I’m a Chinese-Canadian, immigrant, cis-straight female with invisible disabilities, and I’ve both experienced systemic discrimination and perpetuated it against others.


I now recognize the colonial, white supremacy culture we all live within, and how it ingrains certain worldviews and mindsets that lead to systemic racism and inequity.


As I’ve been learning this, I’ve made it my mission to share this understanding with others, and help people who also desire JEDI to move forward in their journeys.

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My work is founded on my belief in:


People           not profit.

Empathy        not indifference. 

Justice            not prejudice.

Dignity           not despair.

Belonging      not rejection.

Freedom        not fear.

Truth               not silence.

My core values are:






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Organizations and leaders who are serious about welcoming diversity and creating inclusive workplaces will not get there by policies and processes alone. Diversity exists in Western society, but racialized and gender diverse individuals face barriers to employment and promotion that can only be dismantled through antiracism and redistribution of power.


1) Education;

2) Personal change; and

3) Systems change,

I help people with privilege dismantle systemic inequity, while helping people without privilege survive it.

Ways to Work With Me

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For Racialized & Equity-Seeking Individuals

Have you ever wished for career advice or training from someone that was relatable and relevant to you?

Over my 20+ year career, almost all the mentorship or coaching I received was from white leaders. The lack of leadership and training diversity meant I was further ingrained and assimilated into patriarchal, colonial, capitalistic culture. And these mindsets are what keep racialized and equity-seeking groups down.

That's why I provide 1-on-1 and group coaching programs to individuals wanting to break this cycle. Founded on my real-life recruiting, executive, and professional experience, I take a trauma-informed, neuroscience-based approach to help you survive and succeed in a system designed against you.

Follow the links to learn more about me and my service offerings, including my Brain Bootcamp for racialized women and Asian women coaching programs.

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For Organizations & Executive Leaders

My passion is helping leaders to grow more inclusive, and organizations to grow more human.

Many organizations have diversity and inclusion statements proclaiming this as their goal, but aren't as clear how to get there. But working on diversity and inclusion alone does not give enough weight to antiracism, gender equity, economic equity, and their intersections - which are my areas of focus.

Going from systemic inequity to equity requires a redistribution of power that means the privileged group will have less, and the under-privileged group will have more. This requires personal sacrifice and courage. I know, because I've also had to acknowledge my own privilege and humble myself.

No one can or should do this alone. From a place of empathy and compassion, I'm here to support leaders of organizations willing to take that leap; to see their own privilege by learning about colonization and white supremacy culture; and to begin unlearning patriarchal and capitalistic practices that keep racialized and marginalized individuals out of their workplaces.

Follow the links to learn more about me and my service offerings, including JEDI coaching for executives leaders, keynote speaking, and educational workshops.

Featured Podcasts


The words “white supremacy culture” are definitely triggering, and not just for white people. What that phrase even means is hard to explain.


So when fellow podcaster and white American male Jeff Akin told me he was (gently) raising awareness about white supremacy culture (“WSC”) at his workplace – and he works for the government – and he’s a high-level executive – I was super curious to know how he felt about WSC.


Besides being an executive leader, Jeff also teaches about leadership in his podcast, The Starfleet Leadership Academy.

Join me in hearing this high school educated, ex-Navy, pro-wrestling-TV-broadcaster-turned-executive-leader share how he’s helping dismantle white supremacy culture!

You can share this episode using this link:

The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Holocaust, and the full name of Yom Hashoah VeHagevurah literally means the “day of remembrance of the Catastrophe and the Heroism.”


How much do you know about Yom HaShoah, and what happens on this day? What’s the difference between Yom HaShaoah and the United Nations’ International Holocaust Remembrance Day?


Alice Henry draws on her family’s experience of the Holocaust, and her own experience as an Ashkenazi Jewish woman, to share about Yom HaShoah, historic and current antisemitism, Jewish holidays, and much more in this episode of Changing Lenses.


Bonus: stay with us to the end for a special Yom HaShoah memorial service.

You can share this episode using this link:

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