We all see the world through our own lens

When you change your lens, you change what you see.

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If you’re wondering what you can do in bringing reconciliation and decolonization to Canada – this episode is for you.


First, we learn what colonization actually looks like. Jessica Dumas of Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation shares personal stories about her family, life experiences, and tragic interaction with police that demonstrate just how effective colonization is. The goal of residential schools was to “kill the Indian in the child”, and it worked.

The good news is, we can help undo some of residential school’s legacies. As Jessica learned about the true history of her people, she discovered her Indigenous identity, and began a career in restorative justice. Today, she is a sought-after speaker, coach and emcee, and even introduced Michelle Obama at an event!


Jessica believes that continuous education is key non-indigenous allies to support truth and reconciliation. So as you listen to Jessica’s story, what are you learning, and what steps will you take towards restorative justice today?

Many employers are asking where to find and hire “diverse talent”. What they SHOULD be asking is how their recruitment process might discriminate against these candidates once they apply.

In this episode, Safiyah Husein, a lawyer and Senior Policy Analyst at the John Howard Society, shines a light on the hidden dangers behind a widely accepted hiring procedure: the police (or criminal) background check.

This episode is for you if:

  • You think police checks make your workplace safer

  • Your employer has done a police check on you but you don’t know what it said

  • You believe police checks only uncover findings on convicted criminals


Spoiler alert: research shows that police checks don’t do what you probably think they do.


Listen to the full episode to find out what they really do!

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I'm Rosie Yeung (pronouns: she/her), your Guide on the journey to Justice, Equity, Decolonization, and Inclusion (JEDI).

I specialize in intersectional diversity and Asian-Canadian identity.

My passion is helping leaders grow more
inclusive, and organizations grow more human.

I believe in a world committed to:
Justice, not prejudice.

People, not profit.

Empathy, not indifference. 

Dignity, not despair.

Belonging, not rejection.

Freedom, not fear.

Truth, not silence. 


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As the Department of National Defence continues to address culture change, we hosted a 90 minute roundtable webinar on culture, diversity, and inclusion. Speaking to an audience of social scientists and military members, Rosie was one of our external expert panelists, providing a respectful, yet challenging voice to what can often be a sensitive discussion topic. Her contributions were insightful and provocative, and her participation was a key element to making the roundtable a successful event.


Deputy Director General, DGMPRA,

Chief Military Personnel,

Canadian Department of National Defence

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Rosie provided a thoughtful and powerful talk about the importance of recognizing the Asian and Pacific Islander experience in the workplace. Personally, I learned a lot, and I know many of our Asian team members related and resonated to the experiences she shared. She delivered insights and advice with grace and respect, and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone looking to gain a deeper perspective on race and biases in the workplace.


Engagement & Experience Team,