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I’m Rosie Yeung, a recovering HR & Finance Executive turned JEDI advocate and trauma-informed coach.

Why? Because all the examples of corporate coaching I’ve seen in my 20+ year career were provided by white-bodied folks to help employees become more “executive”.

But I’m a Chinese-Canadian, immigrant, cis-het woman living with mental illness and recovering from cPTSD. I carry a lot of privilege, and I lack a lot of privilege.


I don’t fit the mold of the traditional corporate executive.


All the company-endorsed training I received taught me how to solve their problems, but didn’t help me solve my own:

  • Fear of rejection if I say what I really think and how I honestly feel

  • Exhaustion from "keeping up appearances" while suffering on the inside

  • Feeling deep shame when anything goes wrong, whether or not I’m responsible

  • Being pressured to prioritize other people's needs and expectations over my own

  • Feeling confused and torn between Asian and Western cultures, and my desire to “fit in” and find acceptance as the REAL me — whoever that is!


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Through a business lens, my problems indicated that there’s something wrong with me.

Through a trauma-informed lens, my problems indicated that something wrong happened to me.

I was working while traumatized, and I was traumatized while working.

As I began studying trauma, I began healing from mine.


And I vowed to do what I could to help other Asian and racialized women find freedom and healing too.


That’s how I went from not wanting to coach at all, to becoming a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach at the intersection of social justice, mental health, and work/life reality.

That’s why I created Un-Executive Coaching™, the trauma-informed alternative to
traditional executive coaching.

Coaching that’s less Executive, more Equitable, always Empathetic

What’s the difference between traditional corporate coaching and trauma-informed Un-Executive Coaching™?
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Un-Executive Coaching™ IS:










Taking Notes

Un-Executive Coaching™ is NOT:










For more about my award-winning Un-Executive Coaching™, please see my Coaching services page.

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How I Can Help

I'm your one-on-one journey partner and personal cheerleader, dedicated to your well-being and success (as defined by YOU)!
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1-on-1 Un-Executive Coaching™

Un-Executive Coaching™ is designed for "model minority" women who are great at meeting everyone's expectations except their own!

Maybe you're doing all the "right things" to make your parents proud and your boss happy, but you're still wondering:

  • Am I good enough?

  • Is this worth all the self-sacrifice and stress when I barely get a pat on the back?

  • Do I deserve better? Should I just be grateful for how far I've come?

  • Am I asking for too much?

If this sounds like you, my career-oriented coaching is designed to help you Change Your Lens and See Your Worth, supporting you through situations like:

  • Career advancement and transition (voluntary or involuntary)

  • Clarifying and aligning your work with your purpose and values

  • Trauma recovery from work or while working

  • Coping with workplace conflict, rejection, systemic inequity, gaslighting, etc.

  • Setting boundaries and balancing competing demands, cultural expectations, mental health, etc.


...and much more!

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1-on-1 Trauma Recovery Coaching

My Trauma Recovery Coaching is specially designed for racialized women from immigrant, shame-filled families who grew up experiencing:

  • Love and acceptance that's conditional upon high achievement

  • Confusion between family rules and cultural traits (e.g. "that's just how Chinese moms are")

  • Never being good enough ("what happened to the other 1%?")

  • Always being too much ("what a goody-two-shoes")

  • Never being ethnic enough ("speak your own language at home!")

  • Never being white enough ("speak English at work!")

  • Always being less than, even in your own community (sons vs. daughters, high caste vs. low caste, haves vs. have nots, etc.)

Whether or not you identify as Asian (East, South, South East) or as a woman (cis, trans, non-binary), if you resonate with the above, my Trauma Recovery Coaching can help you to:

  • See that who you are is better than what you should be

  • Distinguish what you believe from what you've internalized.

  • Heal from the past and find hope for the future


...and much more!

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1-on-1 HR on YOUR Side Consultation

If you have a specific employee issue and want short-term HR advice, my Single Issue Consults may be a better fit for you than coaching.

As a Certified Human Resources Leader, I wear an employee advocate lens to offer trauma-informed HR consultation that's always on YOUR side, not the employer's.

Each consultation is holistic and laser-focused on a single issue you're facing as an employee, such as:

  • What to do about a toxic supervisor or colleague

  • Receiving a warning letter or Performance Improvement Plan

  • Wondering if you're experiencing discrimination or human rights violation

  • Whether or not you qualify for sick/disability leave (and if you should ask for it if you do)

  • Job loss or demotion after your maternity leave

  • Negotiating terms for your promotion, role change, or salary increase

  • Reviewing your job offer letter

  • Reviewing your job termination letter (and negotiating a settlement)


...and much more!​

Note: these service streams are not definitive categories; the lines are blurred and services can overlap. The easiest way to learn more is to book a free call with me to share your story and what you're looking for, so we can figure out together if I can help!

Thought Leadership

Change Your Lens, See Your Worth, Be Your Self
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