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Advancing equity, diversity, inclusion and humanity in work and business.

Diversify. Your. Perspectives.

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“I am Canadian through and through, I identify as Canadian. But who we see as Canadian, what we see as Canadian is not typically people like you and me.”

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman, a psychologist specializing in diversity and inclusion, shares his personal experiences of racism and discrimination – as a child, and as a professional.  We also chat about explaining privilege to White people; being accepted as Canadians; and the “false truth” of multiculturalism in Canada.

“I think our greatest fear is that people are jumping into it just because it's good opportunity, or it's good PR. As opposed to knowing, and thinking, and believing that this could actually make us all better as a people.”

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tang, Director of Tyndale Intercultural Ministries, shares with us what cultural competency means, how it benefits us in life and work, the challenges that practitioners face, and easy (and fun!) ways we can all grow our intercultural awareness. (No training programs required!)

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If I looked at a drop of water through a microscope and magnified it by 100, I would see something completely different to what I see in my hand. But I would still be looking at a drop of water.

Our lens determines what we see, not just what we're looking at.

Rev. René August, Freedom Road


Justice, not prejudice.

People, not profit.

Empathy, not indifference. 

Dignity, not despair.

Belonging, not rejection.

Freedom, not fear.

Truth, not silence. 

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Do you also feel that the world can be better than it is right now?

I'm Rosie Yeung, and I dream of a better life for all people, especially those who are vulnerable, marginalized, and excluded.

For me, that means exploring how to make the world more inclusive and equitable - especially in the areas of race, gender, and wealth.

I believe that true inclusivity requires diversifying our perspectives. So I'm Changing my Lens to see the world differently, meet new people, and share ideas for change.

If you also believe in a better world, I invite you to join me in Changing Lenses. Because changing your lens, changes what you see. And seeing differently, lets us live differently.


Healthy Blog

In my blog, I'll be sharing ideas, experiences and learnings about different aspects of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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I've met many inspiring and awesome people who have Changed my Lens, and I share their stories with you in the Changing Lenses podcast.

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Two Friends with a Tablet


I help liberate your work, and humanize your business. Contact me for speaking, training, coaching, and consulting services, or to be a guest on your podcast.

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Together, we can turn our world around.
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