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Individual and Group Coaching

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1) For Asian Women Leaders

Inclusive organizations understand that caring mentors are a critical factor to employee success. But it doesn’t help if the employee can’t relate to their assigned mentor (often a White man or woman.)

I understand the impact of Asian (Chinese) culture and female gender norms on Asian women leaders, because I am one. These are important parts of our identity that are repressed by corporate North American workplaces.


My coaching program helps Asian women find their authentic voices and succeed on their own terms. (This program is open to both organizations and individual Asian women seeking personal coaching.)

2) For Racialized Job Seekers

I provide group coaching support for racialized and under-represented people in my Surviving the Job Search program.

If you would like tailored 1-on-1 coaching with detailed resume review and interview practice, I offer hourly coaching packages. Please contact me or book a free exploratory call for more information!

3) For Executive Leaders

Have you ever committed to do something that you know is good for you – like eating healthier, saving more money, or exercising – but failed to follow through? Despite being deeply motivated and well-educated on its benefits – you still can’t change your behaviour in any lasting way.


It’s clear that just knowing what to do and why to do it, doesn’t mean you'll actually do it. When it comes to JEDI, what's missing is how to deal with the (very normal) discomfort, resistance and even fear about the inevitable changes. The emotional response, especially from senior leaders who are in positions of power, is not “fragility”; it’s normal human emotion.


1:1 coaching can fill this gap. Using the proven Immunity to Change  model, I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to:

  • Debrief and process what you're learning and experiencing from technical JEDI initiatives

  • Respond honestly to your reactions and emotions about these experiences

  • Ask questions you may not want to ask in a group setting (e.g. training, especially in front of their subordinates)

  • Identify the personal fears, beliefs and assumptions that are blocking or enabling your engagement in JEDI change

If this sounds helpful to you, please email me to request me as your JEDI Coach, or book a free exploratory call.

Learn more about my JEDI Leadership coaching in this video: