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Un-Executive Coaching™ by an Asian Woman, for Asian Women

My passion is helping racialized and marginalized women heal from the past and find hope for the future.

Un-Executive Coaching™ is uniquely tailored for the Asian diaspora (adult children of immigrants), using the latest research on trauma, somatics, and psychology.

(TL;DR version. Detailed version follows.)

I wear a trauma-informed, JEDI-based, culturally relevant lens in coaching Asian and racialized women on:
  • Figuring out what you really want (not what people say you should want)

  • Balancing that with what you need (your needs are legitimate and not selfish)

  • Leaving your current job (voluntarily or involuntarily)

  • Finding a new job or employer

  • Planning for / returning from parental leave, sick leave, bereavement, family emergencies, etc.

  • Sharing your changes with loved ones who may disagree or shame you

Career Clarity and Change

  • Being “authentic” despite family and corporate expectations

  • Being both too much and not enough (in both cultures)

  • Being “aggressive” and “confident” at work, while being “feminine” and “demure” as an Asian woman

  • Being introverted or “too quiet” in a culture that favours extroversion

  • Keeping the peace with immigrant parents who “don’t get it” (and never will)

  • Not Asian enough for your parents; not “white” enough for work

Asian-Western Culture Conflicts

  • Moral injury (e.g. witnessing harm done to another; values misalignment)

  • Violence or harassment (physical, sexual, or emotional)

  • Bullying (physical or emotional)

  • Racism, misogyny, discrimination of any kind (especially if “unproven” or dismissed)

  • Employer hypocrisy, broken promises, lack of career growth

  • Burnout, mental illness, stress, chronic pain, etc.

  • Chronic anxiety, job instability, overwork and underpaid

Traumatized While Working

(on-the-job trauma)

  • Inability to perform certain job tasks (e.g. due to triggering, flashbacks, avoidance)

  • Reduced focus, alertness, concentration

  • “Diagnosed” with ADHD, OCD, other neurodivergent qualities

  • Coping strategies that are unhealthy in the long run, e.g. perfectionism, procrastination, workaholism, chronic anxiety, hypervigilance, addiction (to behaviours or substances), etc.

  • Coping strategies that get labelled as “performance issues”, e.g. time management, hyper-aggression, defensiveness, conflict avoidance, etc.

Working While Traumatized

(personal trauma that affects your job)

  • cPTSD and PTSD

  • Toxic shame, internalized -isms, growing up in shame-based cultures

  • “Diagnosed” with depression, anxiety, other mental illness symptoms

  • Intergenerational, collective, and individual trauma from immigration, misogyny, racism, capitalism, colonialism, discrimination, oppression, etc.

  • Dealing with friends and family when you’re doing the “inner work”, but they aren’t

Trauma Recovery from Racism, Misogyny, Colonization, etc.

  • Moral injury (e.g. pastoral hypocrisy, values misalignment, harm done in the name of love or faith)

  • Oppression and shaming of LGBTQ2S+, abortion, divorce, women leaders, etc.

  • Using the Bible and God to justify colonization, racism, misogyny, any discrimination

  • Burnout from ministry/service, including mental illness, stress, chronic pain, etc.

Religious Trauma Recovery

 (People of faith traumatized by Christians/Catholics)

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Got Questions About Un-Executive Coaching™?
Here are some answers to some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

(i.e. the detailed version)

Why Un-Executive Coaching™?

Traditional corporate culture focuses on all the things you’re not. They set social norms you must conform to, and offer to help you “improve” so you can be more:

  • Self-confident (but also humble)

  • Outspoken (but never interrupt)

  • Aggressive (but also deferential)

In other words, they’re shame-based and performance-driven.

But what if these “executive” qualities conflict with your family and cultural values? More importantly, what if they conflict with who you are?


That’s why I created Un-Executive Coaching, the trauma-informed alternative that’s less Executive, more Equitable, and always Empathetic.

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How does Un-Executive Coaching™ help?

Here are some excerpts of real-life stories from racialized women I’ve coached. I share these not to give myself credit, but to show the genuine impact a trauma-informed, equitable approach can have. And, I’m super proud of them all! They did this themselves, I just offered support and guidance along the way.

(Click here to read the full stories.)

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"Having worked in a toxic and racialized work environment, Rosie helped me to navigate the trauma that this experience left me with. Her coaching helped me to see through the issues in an empowered way and overcome self-criticism."

Testimonial Background Asian Woman Worki

“As women of color and Asian women, feeling safe is a daily challenge, but I'm glad that I made the step to remove myself from a toxic environment. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much you helped me!"

Testimonial Background WOC cropped.png

"As a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman, I’ve worked with Rosie 1-on-1 to uncover my fears and let go of toxic workplaces. She helped me put my best self forward and assert my worth in salary negotiations. As a result of her coaching, I’m more confident in my professional self and skills."

Testimonial Background Happy Asian Woman.png

"I didn't know how to go about fitting into a predominantly white-male corporate world. Thanks to Rosie’s career coaching and anti-racism lens, I no longer feel like I have to settle for any job just to make money by compromising my beliefs.”

Testimonial Background Win.png

"I just wanted to give you a shoutout and huge thanks for helping me through a really tough time at work. The conversations that I had with you made me feel seen and validated in a way that I hadn't felt for awhile. I'm happy to share with you that I've found a new job!"

Testimonial Background Yoga Woman.png

"Rosie challenged me to reflect on how I respond when faced with personal and professional stressors. I was empowered to not only identify my patterns of self-sabotage, but also build my mental fitness to break these patterns."

Now I have a question for you:
Can you relate to any of the above?

I definitely can. I’ve been there, suffered that.

We’re all responsible for our own actions, but corporate and Asian cultures are too quick to condemn people without understanding the complexity behind them.

It gets framed as your problem, your inability, your inadequacy.

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Office Group Discussion

Maybe your “perfectionism” is the only way you received praise or approval, and now you can’t let go of the tiniest typo or flaw in your team, making you too slow and/or too demanding.

Maybe you have “weak time management” because people-pleasing and over-achieving is how you earned love and acceptance, and no one taught you realistic time limits because they could “always depend on you” to say yes.

Maybe you’re “too angry and aggressive” and need to be “nicer”, except you know from experience that being nice never got you what you deserved, and you always have to fight to be treated fairly.

What if your problems aren’t really yours, and aren’t really problems?

Through a trauma-informed JEDI lens, we see that the core of your “problems” are two-fold:
  1. Stuff that’s happening in you: how you think, feel, and react to a situation.​

  2. Stuff that’s happening to you: the situation itself.​

Through a compassionate and non-judgmental lens, together we see who you really are, and focus on helping you be MORE YOU.
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“What seems nonadaptive and self-harming in the present was, at some point in our lives, an adaptation to help us endure what we then had to go through. If people are addicted to self-soothing behaviors, it's only because in their formative years they did not receive the soothing they needed. Such understanding helps delete toxic self-judgment on the past and supports responsibility for the now. Hence the need for compassionate self-inquiry.”

Gabor Maté, MD, trauma specialist and author

"In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction"

The LIBERATED, REAL you, unburdened by unhelpful, unhealthy behaviours and mindsets.
More Real Life Stories

I'm inspired by these racialized women who found their self-worth through self-compassion and trauma recovery.

(These are excerpts; click here to read the full stories.)

Testimonial Background Strong Woman.png

"Rosie has the gift of guiding me and providing thought-provoking feedback based on a deep understanding and empathy of who I am. Like a personal cheerleader, Rosie stood by me and saw my potential before I believed in myself."

Testimonial Background Go with the Flow.png

"Because of her coaching program, I am now able to better manage my stress and anxiety, go with the flow of life, and enjoy better relationships at home and at work with more patience, empathy and creativity."

Testimonial Background Self Worth.png

"Thank you again for all the support you have provided me in this journey. Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened this year. Finally, I can live my life as who I truly am: a loud and proud neurodivergent!"

How does Un-Executive Coaching™ work?

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I don’t sell a magic formula that promises X results in Y days.

Your identity and experiences are unique, and my coaching is customized for who you are and what you want.


For every client, I always integrate business acumen and workplace reality with JEDI, cultural background, and mental health.


The result is an empathetic and practical approach encompassing these:

Core Elements of Un-Executive Coaching™

I hear what you want to share, and sit with you in your feelings and reactions.​

Listening without Blaming

You're not alone!

I hold space for your experiences, and validate them with my HR and trauma knowledge.

Validating without Shaming

You're not crazy!

I help you Change Your Lens so you see your true and worthy self with less “toxic self-judgment” and more “compassionate self-inquiry”.

You're so worthy!

Changing without Conforming

I share the relevant psychology and neuroscience to understand the why behind the what without the shame and stigma of “here’s what’s wrong with you”. There’s nothing wrong with you, what’s wrong is what you’ve experienced!

You’re not defective!

Psychoeducating without Pathologizing

You’re in control of what (and if) you want to change. I’ll give you new tools and ways to do that as your journey partner and cheerleader, (not your teacher!)

Resourcing without Patronizing

You have agency!

All the Real Life Stories

(aka Client Testimonials)
Testimonials Template (4).png

Rosie’s group coaching program was an eye-opening, life-transforming experience for me. Through this intensive 6-week practice, I became more aware of my feelings and emotions, especially those that impact my mental wellness, and learned how to shift toward a positive mindset and outcome.


As a coach, Rosie has the gift of guiding me and providing thought-provoking feedback based on a deep understanding and empathy of who I am - my unique upbringing, life story and cultural background. Her unbiased, non-judging attitude and insightful comments helped to create a supportive group dynamic and a safe space to share. Like a personal cheerleader, Rosie stood by me and saw my potential before I believed in myself.


Because of her coaching program, I am now able to better manage my stress and anxiety, go with the flow of life, and enjoy better relationships at home and at work with more patience, empathy and creativity. I highly recommend Rosie’s coaching programs to anyone who wants to feel empowered by positive energy, and not overwhelmed by negative emotions.

- K., an East Asian-Canadian woman
Coaching Testimonials
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