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Un-Executive Coaching™ by a Racialized Woman, for Racialized Women

Proprietary Changing Lenses Coaching Methodology

What's wrong is how you're being treated!

You already have everything inside you to lead and succeed professionally. (Think of it like "the Force" in the Star Wars movies.) You were born with a unique combination of personality, talents, and identity that give you all the skills and strengths you need.

But in a capitalist, patriarchal, colonized world that values whiteness, your uniqueness is usually undervalued.

And (also like "the Force"), your strengths have a dark side. Your skills are strengths when used with sage wisdom; but if taken to the extreme, or used at the wrong time - they can be harmful to you and others. Maybe not as bad as turning Anakin into Darth Vader, but it could turn attention to detail into perfectionism, or high integrity into self-shame and anxiety

That's why knowing is less than half the battle. Research shows that lasting positive change requires only 20% insight, but 80% mental muscle.


My proprietary Changing Lenses Un-Executive Coaching™ methodology integrates Positive Intelligence®, trauma psychology, and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Decolonization & Inclusion) principles to help you rise higher, live healthier, and work easier.

Using my 20-plus years of executive experience as a CPA, CA and CHRL, plus my lived experience as a Chinese-Canadian immigrant woman, I'm like your personal mental fitness trainer to:

1 - Change Your Lens v2.png

First, you begin to "unlearn what you have learned" and see your strengths, career, and mindset through a new lens. Learn the what, how, and why behind your beliefs and where they came from. See your self-sabotaging behaviours for the coping mechanisms they are. Gain the 20% insight needed to quiet your Saboteur voices, and find the Sage wisdom that powers your unique self!

2 - See Your Worth.png

Next, you begin building your mental muscles so you can See Your Worth instead of the lies and oppressive beliefs you've internalized.


As your personal mental fitness trainer, I'll guide you through the mental exercises, somatic techniques, and self-understanding you'll need to access your highest mental powers (your Sage powers) quicker, longer, and easier!

3 - Be Your Self.png

Changing your Lens and Seeing your Worth gives you clarity and capability to Be Your Self like you've never been before. Your weakest strengths become unstoppable, and your strongest weaknesses become defeatable. 

Barriers and beliefs that held you back disappear, not because your situation has changed, but because your mind has!

Private Small Group Coaching Communities

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Healing happens in community...and coaching can too!

For racialized women professionals, being "the only" and feeling alone is all too common. That's why I created two safe and intimate Coaching Communities just for racialized women.

The Free Your Mind Detox welcomes any woman who identifies as Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latina, mixed race, and any race other than white/Caucasian. In this 8-week intensive program, we go through steps 1 and 2 of the Changing Lenses Un-Executive Coachingmethodology to lay the mental muscle foundation to Be Your Self.


In my 12-week Free to Be program (which includes the 8 weeks of Free Your Mind), we build on this foundation to deepen your Sage powers and practice them live in a safe group coaching environment. You leave the program with a complete toolkit to manage triggers, set boundaries, and protect your authenticity through a proven self-coaching process. In other words - you'll be Free to Be yourself!

Program format and content is continually updated. Book a free call with me to learn more!

Private One-on-One Coaching

Through 1-on-1 coaching, you'll get a customized approach tailored to your specific needs, situation, and identity. Whether it's Un-Executive Coaching for your career growth, job change, workplace trauma, or other professional needs, we'll co-develop a coaching plan that starts where you're at, and gets you where you want to go.


1-on-1 coaching is also suitable for general life and personal needs, e.g. inter- and intra-cultural conflicts, Asian shame, lateral violence, life purpose and self-actualization, etc.


Please contact me or book a free exploratory call for more information!

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Corporate Coaching for ERGs and Individual Racialized Women Employees

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If you're mentoring or managing racialized employees, and you want to support their career growth - are you assigning them coaches you want them to have, or giving them agency and power to choose who they want?

Do you want your racialized and women employees to follow the status quo? Or do you want them to stand out and set themselves (and your company) apart?


The 1-on-1 and group coaching described above can also be customized for your Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), teams, and individual talent.

Please contact me or book a free call to explore corporate coaching packages for your organization.

What Clients Are Saying

Testimonials Template (4).png

Rosie’s group coaching program challenged me to reflect on how I respond when faced with personal and professional stressors. I was empowered to not only identify my patterns of self-sabotage, but also build my mental fitness to break these patterns. The weekly Pod discussions motivated me to be accountable to complete the program exercises. I valued that all members of my Pod group (as well as Rosie) were women of colour – this is something I’ve never had access to in other programs I’ve attended, and fostered a sense of community and safety when sharing personal struggles and accomplishments. I highly recommend this program!

- S., a South Asian Canadian woman
Coaching Testimonials
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