I'm Rosie Yeung, a certified Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist. I integrate financial reparation, human rights, and UX design concepts, for a holistic approach to social justice.

My life's goal is to make a lasting contribution to reduce social inequity and discrimination, especially in wealth, race, and gender. In my career as a Certified HR Leader and CPA, CA, I’ve helped co-design program interventions with local partners across Canada and Africa, using financial inclusion, economic development, and social supports.

I’m experienced in presenting, coaching, finance, and talent management; and hold certificates in consulting, Indigenous culture and history, human rights, and more.

I’m also the creator and host of the Changing Lenses Podcast, showcasing real-life stories of discrimination, inequity, and social activism. As a female Chinese immigrant with invisible disabilities, my intersectional identities help me empathize with diverse communities, and bring compassion and kindness to my work. I’ve experienced both sides of discrimination, and have been on my own journey to Change my Lens.

I enjoy supporting causes close to my heart through philanthropy and volunteer work. I've had the honour of serving as Board Treasurer of a refugee shelter, and travelling to Guatemala to mentor Indigenous youth.

To relax, I watch movies, and eat popcorn and ice cream – sometimes simultaneously!

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