Episode 06 - When a House is not a Home, with Alyssa Brierley

What happens when capital markets and individual landlords control access to a fundamental human right?

A house or condo has changed from being a place to live, and a shelter for families, into a profit-making business – something to help us retire earlier.

Join us as Alyssa Brierley, human rights lawyer, explains the reasons for the global housing crisis, shares real-life stories of tenant eviction and discrimination, and challenges us to put people before profit.

Episode 05 – It’s not Healthcare without Pharmacare, with Doret Cheng

Did you know that if you don’t have private health insurance, you likely have to pay for life-saving drugs out of your own pocket? Did you know that Canada’s healthcare ranks second last out of 10 countries? Without pharmacare, Canada’s “healthcare” system is NOT universal.

In part 2 of our healthcare series, Doret Cheng, a practicing pharmacist and university lecturer on global health, explains why healthcare equality is NOT equity, and how we can afford a national pharmacare program.

As a bonus, I ask Doret her thoughts on how a COVID vaccine should be equitably distributed.

Episode 04 - Not-So-Universal Healthcare: Caring for the Uncared-For, with Doret Cheng

Have you ever considered the specific health issues faced by people who are homeless, opioid addicts, or otherwise marginalized? It’s much deeper than the obvious, and the challenges for healthcare practitioners in caring for “vulnerable” groups are complex.

In this two-part series on healthcare in Canada, we explore (and dismantle) some myths about our “free, universal” system which is so lauded by Americans.

Join pharmacist Doret Cheng in part one, as she takes us behind the scenes of a Toronto Family Medicine Clinic, caring for her incredible patients who fight against both personal trauma and social stigma.

Episode 03 -
Hope Amid Darkness
with Dave Addison

Dave Addison is a former corporate executive and survivor of alcohol abuse disorder, manic and bipolar I. Now as a Peer Support Champion and Mental Health Advocate, he tells his very personal story, and how current sufferers and their supporters can find hope.

Episode 02 - Part 2 -
I Am Canadian
with Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman

“Research actually demonstrates that the two most targeted groups or communities in Canada that face discrimination are Muslims and Indigenous people. Polls in the United States have found that…even communities of colour, including Black people and Latino people…have negative views of Muslims or have Islamophobia.”

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman shares about his personal experiences with religious discrimination, and his ideas for real allyship and change.


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