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Episode 01 Full -
Speak and Be Heard
with Katie Gore

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In the first full episode, guest Katie Gore, a speech-language pathologist, talks about diversity and inclusion of speaking and communication in the workplace.

In this episode

We talk about:

  • The relationship between our brains and our speech (neurodiversity);

  • How to refer to speech impediments;

  • When is it OK to change your way of speaking - for example, "sounding less Black" (and the movie neither of us could remember – linked below);

  • Why women’s voices are biologically disadvantaged in being perceived as powerful (spoiler alert – women don’t sound like James Earl Jones);

  • How understanding yourself and your physiology, helps you own your power and have the influence you want;

  • When changing the gender of your voice makes you more authentic;

  • What speech-language therapists mean by “articulate”;

  • If people can’t understand your “accent” – who needs to change, you or the listener?

  • How we can support each other in the workplace;

  • The ever-elusive “executive presence”, i.e. “what employers want”;

  • Being supportive by providing flexible solutions, not labelling people’s “problems”;

  • The importance of flexibility and generosity in being inclusive; remembering that communication is a skill that you never finish learning, and is an evolving journey of self-discovery.

Guest bio and references:

Katie Gore is a certified speech-language pathologist and the founder and principal of speech IRL, a consulting firm which helps organizations create culture change through communication.

Katie grew up in Canada, and currently lives in the US, where she is the founder of the Chicago chapter of the National Stuttering Association, and Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force for the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association, among other volunteer roles.

Katie is also a fan of Marvel Comics – actually reading them, not just watching the movies!


Katie’s company: speechIRL

Small Talk Menu:

Movies referenced: The King’s Speech, Sorry to Bother You 

Find speechIRL on:





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Episode Transcript

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Music Credits for this Episode

Morning Sun, by ANtarctic Breeze.

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