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“Grief occurs in the places often untouched by love. These are profoundly tender places precisely because they have lived outside of kindness, compassion, warmth, or welcome.”
Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow
Are you struggling with chronic feelings of shame, low self-worth, or depression?
Are you wondering if years of systemic racism, gender discrimination, and workplace toxicity is affecting you?
We don't just go from "surviving to thriving".
We start by recovering.

Learn 3 Simple Ways to Start Your Trauma Recovery

Sign up below for a free resource to help you recognize, understand, and start recovering from your trauma. Over the next three days, you'll get three emails with three simple tools to help you heal. You'll have a chance to:

  1. Discover why you can't "just get over it", based on neuroscience and biology;

  2. Learn techniques to help you reduce your reactivity and recover faster; and

  3. Watch them being applied, and practice them yourself.

All of this through an anti-racism, anti-oppression, cultural competence lens!

These techniques are helpful in any stressful situation, regardless of the degree of stress. I recently experienced a deeply traumatic racist attack — we’re talking yelling match, where I’m being screamed at to “f’n’ go back to your country” — and I did what you'll learn in the first email, and I really did feel better. It actually inspired me to share this with you!


Hi, I'm Rosie Yeung,

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Certified HR Leader, and Asian-Canadian immigrant woman with over 20 years of leadership experience. My culturally relevant, trauma-informed Un-Executive Coaching™ is based on neuroscience, somatics, and psychology, and can help you Change Your Lens, See Your Worth, and Be Your Self! I accept clients from all backgrounds and identities, and I specialize in helping Asian and racialized women heal from their past and find hope for the future.

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