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Episode 10 - Season Finale - Are We Ready For Real Change?

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As I reflect back on the first season of the podcast, it’s become clear to me that systemic change starts with personal change. I believe true inclusion and equity requires sacrificing some of our self-interests, like power, position, even profit. The question is – are we willing to make change happen, if it means changing and sacrificing ourselves?

In this season finale, I share my thoughts on the “business case” and the costs of true inclusion, equity and diversity; why inclusion policies and training are not enough; and what’s next for Changing Lenses. (The podcast will take a short hiatus, but will be back in 2021!)

In this episode
  • Reflecting on the journey so far

  • The big question: are we willing to do what it takes to change?

  • The “business case” is the side effect, not the reason, for inclusion, equity and diversity

  • Having inclusion and equity in more than name only is going to cost us something

  • My personal experience of inclusion policy vs. practice

  • It’s not about whether you say you believe in inclusion, equity and belonging. It’s what you do to make it happen – or not.

  • Looking ahead to 2021 and Season Two

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