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Secrets from a Racialized, Recovering Recruiter

Job hunting is a game where the odds favour the employer. Surviving the Job Search empowers you with insider knowledge, techniques and emotional resilience to navigate your job search with more confidence and peace.

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Does any of this feel familiar?
  • You’re working in a job or company that isn’t fulfilling, doesn’t treat you well, and hasn’t kept all the promises they made when they first hired you.

  • You’ve been told repeatedly that you don’t have enough experience for those jobs you know you can do, or that you don’t deserve that salary increase or promotion you think you’ve earned.
  • You identify as a racialized person, and have thought more than once, "Did I just experience racism?", but aren't totally sure and have no tangible proof.

  • Your friends, family, and community don't really understand you, don't support your dreams, or can't give you the help you need.

  • The career advice, interview tips, and “how to’s” of Western corporate culture don’t align with who you are.

If this is you, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.
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I’ve worked with many, many racialized people who have experienced some or all of the above. I’ve experienced many of it myself.

That’s why I created this program, to try to level the unfair playing field just a little by giving you the same info that people with privilege have, without assimilating you into a colonized, white supremacy business culture.

Here’s what you'll get throughout this 8-week program:
  • A curated, supportive community of job seekers with similar challenges

  • Exercises to create your ideal job profile based on your unique personality, motivation and values

  • Insider knowledge on how recruiters and hiring managers actually work that they will never tell you because they’re biased towards the employers who pay them

  • Empowerment through self-acceptance and recognition of your value and worth

  • De-mystifying the hiring barriers, policies and systems that are steeped in capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism (i.e. it’s not you, it’s them)

  • Coaching that breaks down the why and how of resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking, offer letters, and negotiation to boost your comfort level (surprise: you don’t have be an extrovert or born salesperson!)

  • A constant cheerleader who believes in you and supports you without judgment!

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