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"Lai See" Coaching Gift Pack

In Hong Kong, it's traditional for office managers and supervisors to give "lai see" (red pocket lucky money) to their employees.


Since I don’t have a team, I'm offering a one-time “lai see" coaching package* instead!


This “Lai See Gift Pack” is perfect for people wanting short-term coaching on a single issue or challenge they’re facing. (*Terms and conditions apply.)

During these sessions you will:
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Session 1: UNCOVER

What do you want to change based on what really matters to you?

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Session 2: RECOVER

Understand the different parts that hold you back and start recovering your true self! (e.g. from internalized beliefs, coping strategies, and family / cultural / social norms. 

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Session 3: DISCOVER

Plan next steps and get equipped with resources to move forward, with or without others' approval!

Ready to Get Started?

What Can My Coaching Help With?

Here are some real-life examples from racialized women I’ve coached.

(Click here to read the full stories.)

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"I just wanted to give you a shoutout and huge thanks for helping me through a really tough time at work. The conversations that I had with you made me feel seen and validated in a way that I hadn't felt for awhile. I'm happy to share with you that I've found a new job!"

Testimonial Background WOC cropped.png

"As a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman, I’ve worked with Rosie 1-on-1 to uncover my fears and assert my worth in salary negotiations. As a result of her coaching, I’m more confident in my professional self and skills."

Testimonial Background Win.png

"Thank you again for all the support you have provided me in this journey. Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened this year. Finally, I can live my life as who I truly am: a loud and proud neurodivergent!"

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

By the end of three sessions, you'll have a deeper understanding of the intersectional factors impacting you personally, socially, and/or professionally.

Lai See envelopes usually contain money, but what it represents from the giver is so much more.

Through this Lai See Gift Pack of coaching, I'm offering insight, judgment-free support, and thought partnership as we unpack and process together.

Ready to receive your Lai See? Just click the button below!

(Offer expires February 18, 2024)

* This Lai See Gift Pack offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. All three coaching sessions must be completed by April 18, 2024. Sessions are non-refundable, and are provided under these Terms and Conditions. By processing your payment, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed on this page and the Terms and Conditions page. For any questions or concerns, please email

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