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How I Serve

Everyone is at a different starting point on the journey to Justice, Equity, Decolonization and Inclusion (JEDI). I meet you where you’re at, offering a variety of services tailored to your needs.

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Some common concerns I hear from Asian women professionals are:


  • "I try to advocate for myself, but keep getting denied or deferred — what am I doing wrong?"

  • "I’m tired and stressed from going 'above and beyond' at work just to meet minimum expectations — is it just me? Why does it feel like I always have to give more?

  • "I don’t like where I am (or who I’m with), but I don’t know if something better exists, or how to get it if it does."

  • "When I’m honest and “authentic” at work, my ideas get rejected or my concerns get dismissed. It feels like I’m risking my career. I need a good job, but I also need to be seen and recognized. Can I have both?"

  • "I just can’t keep up anymore, it’s too hard being a good mom / auntie / daughter / sister / friend / partner and a good contributor / manager / leader. Should I take a lower-paying / contract / self-employed / part-time job, just so I have more time for my loved ones, my home, and my self?!"

  • "I’ve been told I need to 'fix' my weakness in:

Time management  ||  Speaking and facilitating  ||  Team motivation

Conflict handling  ||  Negotiating and influencing  ||  Communicating (I have an accent)

in order to perform well at work — is that really what’s wrong with me? How do I do these things if my 'authentic self' just isn’t good at them?"

What got us here is keeping us here.

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I’m a Chinese-Canadian, immigrant, cis-straight female with invisible disabilities, and I’ve both experienced systemic discrimination and perpetuated it against others.


I now recognize the colonial, white supremacy culture we all live within, and how it ingrains certain worldviews and mindsets that lead to systemic racism and inequity.


Just as "master's tools will never dismantle the master's house" (Audre Lorde), neither will corporate strategies dismantle corporate systems.

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My core beliefs are:


People           not profit.

Empathy        not indifference. 

Justice            not prejudice.

Dignity           not despair.

Belonging      not rejection.

Freedom        not fear.

Truth               not silence.

My core values are:






My methodologies are founded on the understanding that "Trauma isn't what happened to you, it's what happened inside you." (Gabor Maté, M.D.)

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Employers who genuinely believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion, are still grooming Black, Indigenous, Asian, and all racialized women to produce under an "executive leadership" model created by and for white men.

So I'm breaking from corporate status quo to offer coaching for racialized women that is:

1) Trauma-informed

2) Counter-capitalist

3) Made for matriarchy

The result? Racialized women professionals can rise higher, recover faster, and work healthier.

Coaching by a Racialized Woman, for Racialized Women

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Corporate Coaching for ERGs and Racialized Women Employees

Have you ever wished for leadership coaching or career advice from someone relatable and relevant to you?

Over my 20+ year career, almost all the mentorship or coaching I received was from white leaders. The lack of representation meant I was further ingrained and assimilated into patriarchal, colonial, capitalist culture. And these mindsets are what keep racialized and equity-seeking groups down.

That's why I provide 1-on-1 and group coaching programs to racialized (BIPOC) women (of color) wanting to break this cycle. Founded on my real-life HR, executive, toxic workplace experiences, I use my trauma education and neuroscience-based coaching to help you stop conforming and start transforming.

Follow the links to learn more about me and my coaching services, including my Mind Detox for racialized women and Asian women coaching programs.

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Private and Group Coaching for Individual Racialized Women

My passion is helping leaders to grow more inclusive, and organizations to grow more human.

Many organizations have diversity and inclusion statements proclaiming this as their goal, but aren't as clear how to get there. But working on diversity and inclusion alone does not give enough weight to antiracism, gender equity, economic equity, and their intersections - which are my areas of focus.

Going from systemic inequity to equity requires a redistribution of power that means the privileged group will have less, and the under-privileged group will have more. This requires personal sacrifice and courage. I know, because I've also had to acknowledge my own privilege and humble myself.

Follow the links to learn more about me and my keynote speaking topics and JEDI educational resources.

What Clients Are Saying

Neil Carson, Deputy Director General, DGMPRA,
Chief Military Personnel, Canadian Department of National Defence

As the Department of National Defence continues to address culture change, we hosted a 90 minute roundtable webinar on culture, diversity, and inclusion. Speaking to an audience of social scientists and military members, Rosie was one of our external expert panelists, providing a respectful, yet challenging voice to what can often be a sensitive discussion topic. Her contributions were insightful and provocative, and her participation was a key element to making the roundtable a successful event.

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