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TRC CTAs 25-31: Justice for Indigenous peoples

Day 7 of sharing the 94 Calls to Action (CTAs) from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Calls for Justice - Part 1.

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Part 1 of the CTAs for Justice.

Does it surprise you that the second most numerous calls to action coming from a report about Residential Schools are for justice?

The residential schools weren’t just about racism, or culture, or genocide, or language, or education, or colonization, or health, or religion, or white supremacy, or human rights.

It was about all of that, together.

The impact of residential schools was widespread and long-lasting, pervading all aspects of Canadian society.

So must be our actions for reparation and reconciliation.


Share your stories and comments.

What action can you commit to today?

Add a comment on our Facebook page, join our Facebook group to start a discussion, or contact me to share your story.


Progress Updates

Per this CBC site which reports on progress against the 94 CTAs – here are the updates as of June 10, 2021 on today's CTAs:

#25 - In progress, projects proposed. In a January 2018 written statement to CBC News, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said “the Department of Justice and the RCMP continue to collaborate with respect to policies that clearly document, support, and communicate the police independence that already exists when investigating crimes in which the government has its own interest.”

#26 – Not started. There have been no amendments to provincial or territorial statutes of limitation acts specifically regarding historical abuse against Indigenous peoples.

#27 – In progress, projects proposed. The Federation of Law Societies of Canada has not made amendments to national requirements ensuring cultural competency training.

#28 – In progress, projects proposed. Most Canadian law schools offer units on Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law and Aboriginal-Crown relations, but they are not mandatory. Only two schools have mandatory courses in Aboriginal law.

#29 – In progress, projects proposed. Some disputed legal issues with plaintiffs not included in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement remain unresolved.

#30 and #31 – In progress, projects proposed. While the federal government has committed funding for the creation of programs designed to reduce the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in custody, some of those programs are simply replacing prior programs with the same mandates and the same level of funding.


Links to resources and charitable organizations:

Indian Residential Schools 24/7 Crisis Line:


Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action:

Progress update on CTAs (by the CBC):

Memorial Register of Children Lost to Residential Schools:

"We Were Children", National Film Board documentary on Residential Schools, conveyed through the eyes of two children who survived. Available from Amazon Prime and NFB in French and English. May also be available through your local library.

Petition for National Day of Mourning:

Indian Residential School Survivors Society:

Orange Shirt Day:


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